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Keep your greenhouse warm. Portable heaters to stationary furnaces.

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Light enough to carry, yet able to provide enough heat for large areas. Thermostat provides temperature control, while safety temperature limit prevents over-heating.

13,640 BTU, 220V electric
Temperature control thermostat limits over-heating

Receive instant warmth in your greenhouse with this easy-to-move propane heater.
Heater Includes: Heater with oxygen senso, safety shied, and wheels - propane tank required (not included)
Heating: 6,000 to 18,000 BTU's/Hour
Tank: Back cover to hold 20 gal propane tank
Safety: Oxygen Sensor
All Solexx, accessory Only, orders will be charged an additional $25.00 drop ship fee due to Manufacture warehouse requirement.
A real help for your warm weather plants, the thermostat control will protect your plants automatically on cold days.
One year manufacturer's guarantee
16" x 10" x 9.5"
Operates quietly while case stays cool
115V, 1500W, 5118 BTU's, UL listed
State of the art heating technology for more efficient performance. Ceramic heating technology safely and quickly produces much warmer air flow than considerably larger non-ceramic heaters.
Power: 110-120V/60Hz
Power Light Indicator: Glows green during operation, glows red when the desired temperature has been reached. 1500 Watts, 5200 BTUs
Digital Comfort Control Thermostat: Maintains comfortable heating temperature.
Digital Temperature Display: Precise temperature sensor accurately displays room temperature to help maintain maximum comfort level.
The Non-Vented Greenhouse Heater 20,000 BTU is an open flame heater that does not need to be vented. Although it does require a fresh or combustible air intake from the outside of the greenhouse.
Constructed of non-rusting mill polished aluminum shell
•Dimensions: 12.5"D x 22"H
Stainless steel burner enclosed rated at 20,000 BTU
Wall mounted thermostat
Originally designed for orchid greenhouses, this termostatically controlled enclosed flame heater circulates warm air thoroughout your greenhouse from the floor up. No electricity need, but chimney required.
•Includes: A 3" draft T
•Dimensions: 16.25"W x 17.5"L x 25"H
Stainless steel burner enclosed rated at 25,000 BTU
Wall mounted thermostat
Vent pipe, rain cap and flashing are not included