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we can customize a greenhouse kit to fit your needs
1. Determine where your greenhouse kit will be builted
2. Think carefully about the size greenhouse you need
3. Browse our greenhouses and add your choice to the cart
4. Select the greenhouse accessories you will need - OR -
CALL our greenhouse experts and lets get growing!

Juliana Greenhouse

You can't grow wrong
with a Juliana greenhouse kit Juliana Premium 9.9 Shown


Join thousands of happy Juliana Greenhouse Growers!
1. Designed to withstand the weather in northern climates
2. Excellent Ventilation with 30 degree roof pitch & windows
3. Twin wall polycarb panels - 83% visible light transmission
4. Juliana Greenhouses come with a 12 year guarantee!
CALL our greenhouse experts and lets get growing!
Cedar Bench - Grow Racks - Staging
Perfect gifts for your Gardener

Plants Love Compost

Everything you need to make
your own compost plus our
"down in the dirt" expert help


when selecting a composter consider this:
1. How much space is available for the composter?
2. How large is your family or yard?
3. How much home and yard waste do you need to compost?
4. How do you plan to use the finished compost?
Questions? CALL our compost expert and get Composting!
Year round composting indoors or out!
all worm composters

Welcome to a great place to buy greenhouses, composters and garden items. We are a small, family owned and operated greenhouse store who's goal is to match you up with the right greenhouse for your climate and growing needs. Our "down in the dirt" greenhouse expert is here to listen to your needs and offer her expert advice in choosing the greenhouse and accessories that is perfect for you. We have greenhouses to fit your budget and growing need no matter if you are using the greenhouse in your backyard, school, community garden or buying as a gift for that special gardener in your life. No pressure, real gardeners, and practical advice make the best place to get your greenhouse.

The Quality brands we carry include: Juliana America, Poly-tex , Snap and Grow, RIGA, Easy Start, Weatherguard, Solexx greenhouse kits, Eco greenhouses, Rion, Santa Barbara redwood greenhouses, Sunglo greenhouse, Halls greenhouses, Sunshine, Custom Hideaway greenhouses and others.

If your a school looking for a greenhouse for teaching, call our expert and we will match up a model that will fit your budget and will include all the items needed for a successful teaching lesson. We have sold greenhouses to many schools all over the country and we will make it easy to get all the information you need to get your students growing!

We also offer composters, compost tumblers, compost bins, raised garden beds, rain barrels, hydroponics, cool pet items, reel mowers and many other items. We are much more than just a greenhouse store. Join us in the wonderful world of growing and love of gardening. We know you have many options when choosing a supplier for that dream greenhouse, or other needed garden item and want to earn your business. Thank you for your consideration.