Our Down in the Dirt Expert says:
I find with the cost of travel these days it is most practical to entertain family and friends at home and having a little extra room to do this in makes it less stressful for everyone. A Lean to Sunrooms certainly gives one a multi used area that adds class to the home and room with a view for entertaining in. Even in the dead of winter when it is to cold to be out on a deck, the Sunroom gives the same open to the outdoor experience with out the chill. Add some Luxuriant Plants and you can feel like you are in the tropics while winter threatens the rest of the neighborhood.

When the solstice tips to the spring and summer, your green thumb itch will have plenty of room to grow to your hearts content with out fear of a late winter calling card ruining all your plans.

Happy growing and short winter to you all
Theresa Saldiva - expert

Lean to SunRooms are the perfect solution to those cold winter days when you really want to sit outside and enjoy the sun. The SunRoom by Rion are easy to assemble with the Push-Fit No Tool Construction and they add that touch of class to your deck or side of your home that can be enjoyed year around. Once attached to your home you have added extra living space that doubles as a greenhouse. If you want a cooler look and feel try the white framing. Comes with Glass Clear Acrylic panels or the Translucent Polycarbonate. Green framing as well. Affordable Pricing for great living!

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