Summer Planning For The Holidays

I know it’s still hot outdoors, but you may want to start the thought process about what bulbs you want to force in your greenhouse for the major holiday events. What kind of parties and decorating will you be hosting for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year? How many people are on your gift list? No one ever turns down a pot filled with fragrant paper white narcissus.

One year I decorated around the theme of the paperwhite narcissus, using white and gold tones throughout the dining room buffet setup. As everyone drifted in and out of the room, the scent of narcissus came with them. You can plant any bulbs that will give you the color you want, and you can plan them so that they bloom at the perfect time. Most bulb blossoms last at least a few days. If your house is too warm during the holiday, put the pots of bulbs out in the cooler greenhouse overnight and they will last longer. Be sure to feed the potted bulbs once they are spent to build up the food in the bulb so you can use them again.