Southern Burner

Southern Burner Heaters have been in use in greenhouses all over the United States since 1932. In thousands of applications, this method of inexpensive heating has helped make it possible for the average person to have and enjoy a backyard greenhouse, and at the same time make it possible for the large greenhouse operators to expand their glass area to the maximum without the expense of costly heating systems.
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The Non-Vented Greenhouse Heater 20,000 BTU is an open flame heater that does not need to be vented. Although it does require a fresh or combustible air intake from the outside of the greenhouse.
Constructed of non-rusting mill polished aluminum shell
•Dimensions: 12.5"D x 22"H
Stainless steel burner enclosed rated at 20,000 BTU
Wall mounted thermostat
Originally designed for orchid greenhouses, this termostatically controlled enclosed flame heater circulates warm air thoroughout your greenhouse from the floor up. No electricity need, but chimney required.
•Includes: A 3" draft T
•Dimensions: 16.25"W x 17.5"L x 25"H
Stainless steel burner enclosed rated at 25,000 BTU
Wall mounted thermostat
Vent pipe, rain cap and flashing are not included