Santa Barbara Greenhouse

When you buy a redwood greenhouse kit, you are probably looking for something that's designed well by experts. The reason our do it yourself redwood greenhouse kits are made of clear redwood or the best aluminum components, and the reason you'll discover the best in structural and materials integrity as you explore the options, is that is committed to selling only the finest professional and garden hobby greenhouse kits. For the public educational institution or the home, greenhouse components are local or American made. The redwood benches that are portable, greenhouses fitted with tempered glass or polycarbonate, automatic mist systems and airflow shutters, steel plates and bolts that reinforce your greenhouse frame, and more, all of these elements are U.S. made, which means customer service and extra hardware is immediate and available. When you build your own greenhouse, whether you opt for a standard or a deluxe redwood Santa Barbara greenhouse or the aluminum Montecito greenhouse, you can count on the experts at to assist you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We'll be pleased to help in any way we can. Would you like to grow the best tomatoes in the neighborhood or how about prize winning orchids in your own greenhouse. Walk out on a cold winter day to your own little bit of Springtime. How about pineapple or rare palms? Anything you like can be grown year-round in a Santa Barbara Greenhouse Santa Barbara Greenhouse kits are affordable and are true do-it- yourself projects. Fun and easy to assemble . All parts are pre- cut and drilled at the factory. Hardware is sorted and included. Santa Barbara Greenhouses are made of all clear California redwood. Many people ask why we use such beautiful redwood. We always have. When you see it you'll understand why we're still so impressed by the redwood we use. Our greenhouse frames are bolted together for strength and stability. For those that would rather have an aluminum greenhouse we have our "Montecito" kits developed and manufactured by us here in America as with all our kits. The Montecito is one of the only affordable aluminum kits made in the USA. Ease of assembly and all bolt construction make the Montecito truly stand out and a wonderful joy to own. Also one of the only aluminum greenhouses with a full 6 ft. side wall height.
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