New England Arbors

Our story is really simple. Almost seven years ago in a dilapidated barn, we began to design and build arbors that we thought people all over America would love. The basic idea was to replicate the warmth and traditional beauty of New England design with the simplicity of low-maintenance vinyl materials. And we knew that people who invested their hard-earned money in our products would get the best of both worlds. Since those early days, we have grown our arbor business far beyond the small area that we originally started out to serve, throughout America and even beyond. To put it really simply, we're arbor guys at heart. That’s what we do. We design arbors, make arbors, sell arbors, promote arbors and continually find ways to improve our arbors. Seven years and countless obstacles later, here are some of the basics that make up the spirit and heart of New England Arbors: 1. create the most attractive and durable vinyl arbors possible 2. make certain that we have fun as a team doing it