Nature Mill

From activists to engineers
We aim to make a difference. We diligently recycle paper, bottles, and cans. We read newspapers online to cut down on paper. We favor environmentally friendly products and packaging. Some of us even walk or bike to work. But despite our commitment to "the 3Rs" – reduce, reuse, recycle – we still produce shameful amounts of trash.
So we ventured head first into backyard composting. A humble kitchen crock diverts an impressive amount of trash from the kitchen to an outdoor compost pile. And unlike other forms of recycling, composting uses no chemicals, fossil fuels, or other environmentally harmful materials.
But a few months into our compost adventure, reality set in. It smells! It's dirty! Turning the pile each month is backbreaking! It's definitely no fun in the cold and rainy months. And besides, not everyone has a backyard. We should be able to engineer a better solution.
A Chance Discovery
Then a funny thing happened. Someone (we won't name names) went away on vacation without emptying the kitchen compost crock. A nasty surprise awaited his return — the smell, the flies, and a very unpleasant clean-up job.
While grudgingly cleaning out the compost crock, he noticed it was warm. Microorganisms were hard at work! The compost process had begun! Just a little more oxygen, some mechanical mixing, and a strong air filter would accelerate the process and eliminate the odors and bugs. Dozens of patents and prototypes later, the NatureMill was born.
We're up to great things. Just watch us. Someday everyone in the world will compost, and what a difference that will make.