Hideaway Custom Greenhouse

Need help? - Our experts are here to help you pick out everything you need for what your growing and the climate you are in to get the most out of your new greenhouse. Call us 1 866 567-0813. We are real growers with hands on experience and enjoy sharing our love of gardening.

For those just getting started in home gardening, our Classic HIdeaway Greenhouse kit is the perfect addition to your garden and backyard. This high quality do-it-yourself backyard greenhouse kit is easily assembled in a weekend and does not require a concrete foundation. These greenhouses are constructed of structurally durable aluminum frame and is covered with sturdy twin-wall 8mm polycarbonate, which offers exceptional light transmission.

Classic Hideaway and Grand Hideaway. Made in USA

We offer many styles of glass and polycarbonate greenhouses and greenhouse kits. We can help you design a home greenhouse to meet all your gardening considerations, including budget, climate, and desired plants. Our top quality Grand Hideaway series home greenhouses are custom engineered to meet your local building codes. This ensures that your greenhouse will be structurally sound while providing the most efficient growing environment for your plants. Our in-house Professional Engineers can also stamp your Hideaway greenhouse plans at no additional charge. If you are looking to get more out of your home gardening experience, now is a perfect time to start looking at a home greenhouse from 4seasongreenhouse.com. Our greenhouses will give you year-round gardening space while enhancing the value and beauty of your home!

Feel free to give us a call and we can help you design the ideal greenhouse for your home gardening oasis.

IN-HOME quotes available for customers in San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas.

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