Hobby Cold frames

Get A Jump Start on Spring Planting! We have put together Products that will help your success in Propagation and Hardening off your Plants for the garden.

The cold frame is in fact a mini greenhouse that is very suitable for growing young plants and vegetables in the early spring.Sowing and harvesting of plants and vegetables can be brought forward roughly one month by using garden poly-tunnels or cloches (plastic or glass soil covers) before and after the seed sowing process. They can also be used at the end of the season to protect some low growing crops and extend the growing season. Give them a try and you will wonder how you ever did without them.

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This easy-to-assemble cold frame gives you the protection you need when starting plants early or protecting late season. The compact size fits almost anywhere but still provides over nine square feet of growing space. Adjustable, ultra-clear covers provide excellent ventilation while giving you easy access to your plants.
Cold Frame Kit Includes: Double cold frame w/ 2- adjustable roof Vents
Size: 41" L x 41" W x 21" H
Frame: Corrosin resistant
Panels: Single Layer SnapGlass Poycarbonate
The new Cold Frame Single is in fact a miniature greenhouse that will allow you to get a jump on the growing season. Grow in your containers or directly in the soil. The clear, adjustable polycarbonate cover will provide maximum light and just the right amount of ventilation. Insulated polycarbonate sidewalls will protect your tender seedlings during cool nights.
Hinged door for easy access & ventilation
High impact, durable & UV protected panels
Over 5 square feet of growing space 41"L X 22"W X18"H
Sloping lid allows maximum sunlight and rain runoff
Now you can enjoy the superior qualities of Solexx's unique glazing in this premium size cold frame. The Solexx cold frame is perfect for the ambitious gardener or small commercial growers.
Free Shipping: What more can we say?
Size: 8'L x 6'W x 31"H
Frame: Composite Tubing & PVC
Cover: 3.5mm Twin Wall Solexx Panels
This new unit is Perfect for the Gardner with small yard or patio. You can start Lots of Vegetables and Herbs for your container garden or side beds with out taking up a lot of room. And if your plants get tall quick like Sun Flowers or Tomato Plants, no worry they have plenty of room to grow strong stocks in. The shelving units are removable if you choose to do so or leave them in it to house the seed starter flats.
Includes (1) Solexx Litl Propogator Cold Frame - 2 full-length removable 12" deep bench frames - Solexx twin-wall greenhouse covering.
Size: 4'W x 4'L x 6'H
Frame: Composite Tubing & PVC
Panels: 3.5mm Twin Wall Solexx Panels
Distinctive beauty: The Sunshine Cold Frame stands out with its natural Redwood frame. Its good looks are complemented by a design characterized by attention to detail and ease of use. • Quality Design: Beauty is more than skin deep as the Cold Frame is built tough while including many features that increase ease of use and assembly. • Fits Your Needs: The Sunshine Cold Grame is just the right size for protecting your crop in early spring and late fall.

Size: 49"L x 25"W x 16"H
Frame: Redwood
Cover: 4mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate
Want a Cold Frame that looks Great next to the house, and yet you can move it to any spot in your yard or Garden. This Sunshine Patio Garden Greenhouse can be set directly in your garden to start your plants makes for easy work, and the base is made from a fake wood so water will not hurt it or look ugly, the frame is beautiful Red Wood.
Includes: Sunshine Redwood Gardenhouse - (4) adjustable benches - (2) doors - (1) automatic vent opener
Beautiful Redwood Frame
Can be easily moved to yard or porch
Convenient size for use on a patio or deck.