FlowerHouse greenhouses lightweight, self-erecting design make transport, set-up and take-down easier than ever before. If you're looking to create your own garden paradise, you're looking in the right place. FlowerHouses are perfect for creating your beautiful, personal garden.
As a professional horticultural product, FlowerHouses provide superior protection for your plants from insects, birds, frost, wind and weather. Shielded from the outside, the inside provides optimum air circulation which promotes accelerated growth. FlowerHouses improve climatic conditions in all geographic locations. With warmth and moisture kept in, your annual, perennial, and tropical plants will bloom earlier and longer. You can get a head start on the spring and summer months and even garden year around.
Constructed with Gro-Tec material, FlowerHouses are 100% waterproof and UV ray resistant. With rip stop protection, you can rest assured your FlowerHouse will remain protected for a longer life.
There is a FlowerHouse to suit your needs and even one you'll never outgrow.
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Assembles in a few minutes requiring no tools,
6 ft. X 7'5" ft. X 8 ft. Tall
Light weight, portable self-erecting
Gro-tech rip-stop fabric