DuneCraft is a nationwide leader in creating innovative, interesting indoor growing kits. All of our products are fun and educational, and each contains a plethora of background information on the plants and science behind each product. The company started four years ago with a single kit that grows over 25 different varieties of cacti from seed. That kit, called Odd Pods, is still a classic today. The company has quickly grown to include a vast assortment of growing kits at a variety of price points. Some of DuneCraft's best-sellers include Carnivorous Creations, the Princess Garden, the Dinosaur Plant, Dragon's Lair, and much more. These kits are great for children of all ages, and are extremely popular in a number of diverse outlets. DuneCraft has also introduced a line of eight different, eye-catching micro-terrariums, the world's smallest terrariums, which only need to be watered once every few months. The $4.99 price point makes these a fantastic novelty. DuneCraft also has an award-winning line of science products that keep children and adults engaged for hours, including Space Sand, Super Snow, Smart Tubes, and a brand new line of kits tailored to the classroom setting.