Compact & Compact Plus

Featured on The Learning Channel and The Discovery Channel. Designed for the serious gardener who insists on the best quality, this series produces great growing results at an affordable price!. The stronger aluminum frame and 6mm polycarbonate on the Compact series provides extra insulation and sturdiness.

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Juliana Compact Greenhouse:
Greenhouse gardening is one of the best pastimes we can think of and it need not be expensive. By choosing the popular Juliana Compact model you can have great quality and a low price. The Compact models are especially suited to people who just want to grow a few of the more traditional plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

Juliana Compact Plus:
If you want to grow a variety of plants and have a little table and chair in the greenhouse, you should certainly consider choosing one of the Juliana Compact Plus models. Compact Plus is 9 - 11 inches wider than other comparable greenhouses in this price bracket. This means that you get more effective growing space relative to your walking area. You can also grow flowers like hibiscus, hortensia, tagetes and passionflowers, which normally do not like the cold northern climate.


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