Cleaning Your Greenhouse Panels

Keeping your new Greenhouse Clean while not damaging the UV protection. The outer walls of your Polycarbonate greenhouse has a UV resistant coating. DO NOT use any abrasive cleaners, brushes, or scrapers to remove dirt and grime Do rinse off with water and using a soft cloth or sponge with soapy water wipe off the grime and rinse off. You can dry off the panels with soft towel to keep spotting at a minimum. The same procedure is used on the inside of your greenhouse walls. I find that when watering and fertilizing plants some splashing can build up dirt and fertilizers on the wall. Once I am done with water/fertilizing my plants I hose off the walls to avoid build up. Depending on individual use of the greenhouse, you want to clean your walls with gentle soap, water and a soft cloth each spring and again in the fall. Rinse clean and dry with soft towel if needed to avoid spotting. Use these cleaning products: Joy detergent Palmolive Liquid Ivory Liquid Also available sheet cleaners: Lexan sheet cleaner by General Electric Hillyard Quick Clean #1002, for glass& plastic If your Greenhouse has Tempered Glass walls, Vinegar and water is a time proven cleaner. NEVER USE: Squeegees, brushes, sponges with scrubber sides, choir boys, knives, scrapers, rough paper. Cleaners that can damage your sheets, DO NOT USE: Lysol Formula 409 Pinesol My Rule of thumb, If you think the cleanser may be to harsh then don’t use it. Taking a little time to clean often is always better than waiting until it becomes an all day chore with lots of elbow grease. Most important, Grow lots of plants, experiment with new types of plants and enjoy your greenhouse to the fullest! By Theresa Saldivia/