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4seasongreenhouse.com is the specialty greenhouse webstore of Patiostore.com!
We started Backyard HQ with the intent to bring into American’s homes the best quality of Gardening and Composting tools with practical, honest advice from real gardeners. You won't find a call center or pushy salespeople here!

We are a family operation that has over 50 years, (some of us a little less and some of us a little more), of Gardening, Composting and Greenhouse growing experience. We welcome your call for guidance and advice. We really use what we sell and are delighted to help our customers decide what would best suit their needs and lifestyles.

We test at our own homes a lot of the product you find on our site, and we are honest with our recommendations. Your success in using our products is our priority. You won’t find any better customer service elsewhere.

We are real People who really do Garden and Compost. It is a way of life for us and taking care of our home, Earth, is important to our life style and we know it is as well to our customers. When you call us with your questions we all learn, and that is what growing in life is all about. Answering your questions and listening to your successes and problems in gardening allows us to better help other gardeners who we speak with. We promise that if we don't know the answer to your question we won't just make up an answer to get you off the phone. We will research it, talk to other people in our network of gardeners, and get back to you with the answer.

Our goal, and so far we have been real good at it, is to provide great gardening products at fair prices and help you be a successful gardener. We here at 4seasongreenhouse.com know that our success comes from your success, so go ahead and give us that call with your questions, we are here to help. 1 888 814-7531. Weekends we are usually home making compost and planting in our gardens and greenhouses. But if you leave us a message we will call you back as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and enjoy our store!


4seasongreenhouse.com is the greenhouse specialty division of Patiostore.com.

The Patiostore.com story begins with our parent company, Horizon Building Systems (HBS). They began selling and manufacturing portable storage buildings in 1986. Later, patio furniture, hot tubs, above ground swimming pools and pool tables were added to their retail stores (called The Backyard Store) in 1989. About this time they also began selling and installing carports, patio covers and sunrooms. At one point, the Backyard Store had 3 locations in San Antonio , Texas and 1 in Corpus Christi , Texas along with our Portable Building manufacturing plant.

Internet Shopping - You Bet!

In 1997 our HBS the company’s first web site, Patiostore.com, went online selling patio furniture and game room items. Since then Patiostore.com has grown to include departments selling greenhouses, portable structures, sports logo items, toys, home improvement equipment, swimming pools, patio furniture, surplus items and much more. Due to the huge success of the internet business, HBS closed its retail locations and sold the portable building manufacturing business to focus solely on internet businesses. The Backyard Store now operates online and out of our office building and warehouses in San Antonio , Texas .

Next, Patiostore.com arrived on the scene.

Originally, HBS operated a greenhouse and gardening supply store on the web at www.greenhousebuilder.com. Since then, this division has split off from HBS and now is known as Patiostore.com. Now we can be found at www.4seasongreenhouse.com, one of several Patiostore.com websites that we will be introducing soon. The staffers at Patiostore.com have many years of greenhouse and internet retail based experience so you can be assured your transactions with us will be safe, secure and worry free.

Our vision for www.4seasongreenhouse.com is to create an online gardening community, filled with our growing experiences so our customers have all the information they need to grow successfully. We have big plans for the site and will be adding more features, such as a Grower’s Club and many more gardening products as we go along. We have been gardening since 1968, in our backyards, greenhouses and commercially. When you call us you will get a real “down-in-the-dirt” gardener/horticulturist. We can help you determine which greenhouse is best for you based on what you grow, where you grow it and how much you have budgeted for it. We have specialized assistance in home gardening, greenhouse gardening, composting, and novice gardeners. We also offer assistance to commercial growers.

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Thanks for visiting our site. We always welcome your suggestions and comments. If you have anything good or bad to say about our site, please email us. Be sure to check back often for the new features, specails and information we will be adding to our site.